Drill with Ease

The Mag X Pro is our most powerful HDD Locating System to date. Paired with the New Echo 75XF and even the toughest jobs will be done with ease.

Core Features

  • New Solid Core 3D Antenna Cluster
    • Extended Range for the Sub-kHz Frequencies
  • Echo 75 XF 19″ Transmitter
    3 Power Levels

    • Low: 114 Feet / 100 Hours
    • Medium: 180 Feet / 60 Hours
    • High: 278 Feet / 11 Hours
  • Built-in Data Logging
    • Simplified one-touch logging integrated into the remote drill display
    • Rodwise and chart views with the ability to edit and add utility crossings
    • Easily emailed directly from the display and synced to the UMmaps web portal

Additional Information

Weight 3.86 kg
Dimensions 73.6 cm x 22.86 cm x 33.02 cm
System Frequency 16 Frequencies, .325kHz through 41kHz
Water Resistance IP65
Telemetry 4 radio channels with range up to 914 meter (3000ft)
Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack 12.5V
Battery Life Up to 50 hours
Compatible Transmitters Echo ST, Echo ST-DX, Echo 50XF, Echo 75XF, Echo 70, Echo 90, Echo 110


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